THE has passed ISO9001:2000 quality assurance audit by NQA.Products are widely used in electric power, electronics, semiconductor materials, optical fiber, metallurgy, building materials, atomic, chemical, aerospace, meteorological, pharmaceutical and other industries, and export all over the world

Hydrogen generation plant by water electrolysis is to decompose water into one share 

hydrogen and 1/2 share oxygen under the action of DC power, it strictly follows Faradays law

The hydrogen generation equipment developed based on this technology mainly includes:

* Electrolyser: the generator of hydrogen and oxygen

* Auxiliary equipment frame: gas-liquid separation system

* Rectifying transformer + Rectifier: DC power supply unit

* PLC control panel: the automatic control unit

* Feed water & lye making system: include lye tank, feed water tank, lye making pump, this 

unit is used for making electrolyte solution and feed water storing.

The total system is automatically controlled, the hydrogen, oxygen are supplied under the 

required pressure.

Hydrogen generation equipment by water electrolysis is very suitable for site production of 

hydrogen gas because it only needs water and electricity as materials, and used widely in 

many industrial fields, include metallurgical, chemical, float glass, electrical power, oil 

& grease and nuclear industry, aerospace and military fields, etc.

Tianjin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd. (THE) is a professional manufacturer of 

hydrogen generator by water electrolysis, the separation flow process technology of water 

electrolysis invented by THE is advanced in the world and its products has been supplied to 

many countries based on the advanced technology, excellent quality and good after service, 

obtained high reputation.

The hydrogen capacity of THE products is from 0.1Nm3/h to 1000Nm3/h, the work pressure can 

reach to 50barg without compressor, it is the highest in the world. The products are divided 

into 7series:

FDQ5:      2~8Nm3/h

FDQ10:      8~20Nm3/h

FDQ20:     20~40Nm3/h

FDQ60:     40~60Nm3/h

FDQ100:     60~150Nm3/h

FDQ400:     150~400Nm3/h

FDQ800:     400~1000Nm3/h


Mini-type plant from 0.1 to 2Nm3/h

Special designed plant for power plant

Cabinet type plant

Containerized plant