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The gas purification equipment is to purify the gas with different technologies according to
the different composition of raw gas and the impurities want to remove.

The purification technologies include chemical reaction, physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.
Normal ways are chemical reaction under catalyst, adsorption by molecular sieve,
cryogenic temperature adsorption, adsorption with metallic absorbent and Pd alloy membrane purification.
The normal processes are PSA and TPSA etc. The technologies and process for purification depends
on the composition of raw gas and the impurities needed to remove as well as the required level of impurities.

The purification equipment designed and manufactured by Tianjin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd.
mainly include the purifiers of hydrogen and oxygen from water electrolysis and the hydrogen purification
equipment of hydrogen-rich byproducts of chemical process. The impurities level in hydrogen and oxygen
from water electrolysis can reach to less than 1ppm after one step purification and reach to less than 0.1ppm
after two steps purification. If the customer has special requirements, the impurities level also can reach to
less than 1ppb through cryogenic adsorption or metallic absorbent.

The capacity of gas purification equipment designed by THE is from 2Nm3/h to 2000Nm3/h, work pressure
can be 50barg.

The technology of no regeneration gas venting developed by THE has no consumption of raw gas under the
condition of guaranteeing the impurities level less than 1ppm, then reduced the operation cost.

The purification equipment manufactured by THE is controlled automatically with PLC and instruments,
the switch of regeneration valves are also automatically.