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DM water machine is for purifying the water according to the different composition of
raw water and the required pure water quality through different technologies and design.
The normal technologies include distillation, ions exchange through resin, RO technology etc.
The RO technology is used more often in recent years due to the reason that ions exchange
technology through resin will consume a lot of acid and alkali, short regeneration period,
high labour intensity and pollution of environment.

The first step of RO technology is the pretreatment of raw water, normally use filter and activated
carbon etc. to remove dust, suspends, particle and special smell.

After first step treatment, the water will be demineralized by using RO technology.

For the customer who has a high quality requirements on water, the EDI technology can be used
for further and deep demineralization to the water, after this, the resistivity of pure water can reach
to 16~18MΩ.cm.

THE can supply DM water machine as per the special requirements of customer and composition
of raw water.