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Nitrogen is the bulk industrial gas, normally use cryogenic separation technology
to produce before, but this technology is complicated and the equipment investment is high,
the maintenance cost is also high,
so if the nitrogen capacity requirements is not too high and no need to produce oxygen & argon
at the same time, the PSA technology can be used for nitrogen generation. 

Nitrogen generation technology by PSA has the advantages of simple process,
little equipment investment,easy operation and low maintenance cost, so it is widely used
in the industrial fields. 

The process of nitrogen generation by PSA is to compress the air to fixed pressure firstly,
then to remove oil, dust, moisture through cleaner. After the pretreatment, the oxygen,
carbon dioxide and water will be removed
through carbon molecular sieves to produce nitrogen. Normally there are two adsorption towers,
one in work, one as standby, when the molecular sieves in work tower is saturated, it will be switched
to regeneration mode automatically, the other tower switched to work mode at the same time.
The total system is controlled by PLC, the oxygen and moisture content are monitored on line.

The nitrogen generator by PSA manufactured by THE has the advantages of excellent design,
reliable operationand high purity. The maximum capacity can reach to 2000Nm3/h.